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Project Management

Project Management

One of the main business offerings of Gerab is project package supplies, which relies heavily on effective Project Management for timely execution. The implementation of a homegrown “Planning and Scheduling” system tool has helped establish a systematic and structured approach for project execution and control. The tool ensures effective coordination amongst the different business functions across the company. The system helps break down the job into main activities with their critical milestones. These milestones are outlined with initiation and completion time-frame and are then monitored and supervised effectively to avoid any variance, ensuring that the tasks adhere to the predetermined critical path and completion times.

Projects are managed by dedicated Project Managers in close coordination with various contributory departments within the organization, which ensures that project execution is managed in a smooth and seamless manner. Customers are always kept abreast on the project status through regular progress meetings, progress reports, variance monitoring, and catch-up sessions to ensure timely completion of all tasks. An end-to-end ownership methodology is adopted from receipt of the client’s purchase order right up to the delivery of materials and submission of the requisite project documentation. Gerab’s endeavor is always to deliver what we promise and achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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Gerab National Enterprises LLC. P.O. Box 17719, R/A 7, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.